Outlook Web Mail: Access your URMC Email eRecord / ePartner eView Access Community Providers URMC Virtual Desktop


Remote Access Portal

Access to URMC VPN, systems and applications requires a URMC account and Duo two-factor authentication. To enroll in Duo, you must be connected to the URMC network and follow the instructions for the method you will use to verify yourself.

A VPN client application, Cisco AnyConnect, is installed on most URMC computers. We no longer provide this application for personal computers, smartphones or tablets – please use the clientless VPN service to connect from a non-URMC computer for access to applications like MSS and the URMC Intranet.

For assistance with connecting, please call the ISD Help Desk at (585) 275-3200.

Outlook Web Mail*

Access your URMC e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other mailbox content through just an internet connection.


Access eRecord or ePartner through the Citrix – does not require a connection to the network/VPN.


Access eView – does not require a connection to the network/VPN.

Community Providers*

Use clientless VPN to access URMC applications – eCV, CPN, MSS, PICIS and the Intranet – without a VPN client application.

URMC Virtual Desktop (VDI) *

Use with permission to access URMC applications and network services from non-URMC computers and tablets. (Read the VDI Quick Start Guide for setup instructions.)

* Two-factor authentication required.