Remote Access Portal

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Remote Access Portal

Important Security Notice

Many of the URMC remote access systems require two-factor authentication. You must be enrolled and have your account set up before accessing these systems.

URMC Faculty and Staff

Two-factor authentication is required for eRecord, ePartner, eView, or URMC VPN. To enroll, connect to the network via VPN and go to the URMC Two-Factor Authentication Enrollment site, or contact the Help Desk at (585) 275-3200. More info...

Community Providers and Partners

Detailed enrollment instructions are available on our Referring Providers website. To enroll, log in to eRecord, eView, or ePartner and click on the Two Factor Enrollment icon (on the far right). Contact Melissa Shaw, Regional Liaison for URMC Clinical Systems, at (585) 506-4652 (office) or (585) 690-9104 (mobile) for assistance.

Outlook Web Mail

Use a Web browser to access your URMC e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, and other mailbox content.


Use to access eRecord or ePartner if you are not using URMC VPN.


Use to access eView if you are not using URMC VPN.

Community Providers*

Use to access eCV, CPN (Centricity Perinatal) or PICIS.

URMC Network Access*

Use AnyConnect VPN to securely access URMC's network.
(Read the Setting Up and Accessing VPN instructions.)

* Two-factor authentication required.

Get Help

Help is available 24/7
ISD Client Access Services is available to support remote access concerns around the clock.


(585) 275-3200

VPN Access to URMC Network:
Read the Setting Up and Accessing VPN instructions.

Install Citrix Client:
If you are experiencing difficulty with Citrix, the client can be manually installed from these links:

Install Citrix for Windows

Install Citrix for Mac OSX