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Welcome and Meet the Editors

Scientists in a lab.

Welcome to the Research@URMC blog, where we’ll be sharing all research-related news from the Medical Center – new study findings, faculty honors and awards, spotlights on scientists, and more. We want to showcase everything that makes URMC a unique and exciting environment for medical research. We hope you’ll visit often and encourage you to be a part of the conversation. You can also follow us on Twitter – our handle is @URMCResearch.

Here are the folks who'll be bringing you the news each week. We welcome your ideas for new posts and thoughts on enhancing the blog. 

Emily Boynton covers microbiology and immunology, infectious diseases, cardiology, surgery, women’s health research, and other areas. Originally from southern California, Emily came to Rochester via Washington, D.C., where she spent several years at a healthcare communications agency. Though she’s still not used to the chilly winters, Emily’s thrilled to be at URMC and to have science writing as a full-time job.


Christopher DiFrancesco recently returned to his hometown and to URMC after spending several years leading communications at Duke Medical Center and the National Cancer Institute.  Within his role as Deputy Director of Public Relations, Chris oversees URMC’s science writing team.  He also covers research within areas such as orthopaedics, rheumatology, and ophthalmology, among others.

Mark Michaud covers all things related to the brain, public health research, government science policy, stem cell research, and technology commercialization.  URMC rescued Mark from the grinding life of electoral politics and he’s grateful for the chance to interact with a lot of really smart people and tell the world about their amazing work.

Leslie Orr covers cancer research, biomedical genetics, emergency medicine hot topics such as concussions and geriatrics care, and family medicine/primary care research. A former journalist, Leslie enjoys the challenge of riffling through scientific abstracts, capturing the “who, what, when, where, why and how,” and producing content that makes research more accessible to all.

Emily Boynton | 7/10/2013