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BSL-2 Policies

All Users

  • The CCMR is a BSL-2 facility per University Regulations beginning May 1, 2009. This means no food or drink may be brought into any of the microscope rooms. Users needing to take a break may do so by eating/drinking in the hallway outside 4.7546. Hand washing sinks are located close to both facility’s rooms.

BSL-2 Users

  • Users imaging specimens rated for BSL-2 procedures need to follow BSL-2 regulations while working on any of the microscopes in the CCMC. This means lab coat, goggles, and gloves are to be worn when placing the specimens in the specimen holder of the microscope of choice.

**Gloves MAY NOT be worn when working with the microscope focus knobs or the computer keyboard.**

  • All BSL-2 users are to properly clean/decontaminate the designated areas after imaging is completed. Disinfectant rated for use with the microscopes will be provided by the Core at each microscope.
  • The Core anticipates that BSL-2 users will be diligent in maintaining clean instruments for all CCMR users.

Sign-up/Calendar Policy

  • Authorized users will be able to sign onto the calendar to book time on the instrument once independent usage is reached.
  • New investigators or investigators needing assistance need to contact CCMR staff to coordinate times for training.
  • Independent users who have not booked time on the calendar for one year will need to undergo a brief re-training. Please contact Dr. Kaye Thomas to make arrangements.

Cancellation Policy

  • Non-independent users are asked to alert CMCR staff as soon as it is known they will not need their imaging time. CCMR policy is that there is no fee for cancellations made outside of 48 hrs of the scheduled imaging time. Cancellations within 48 hrs are charged at full rate unless another user can fill the slot.
  • For independent users: As a courtesy to other users, it is requested that if you need to cancel your time you also contact the user ahead and behind you on the schedule to let them know they could start their imaging earlier or run later if they needed additional time.
  • One time per fiscal quarter users may cancel their imaging session inside of the 48 hr window with no fee. In order for the no fee option to be recognized by the billing software, users opting to utilize their no fee cancellation need to contact the CCMR.

Instrument Usage Policy

  • Only trained users who have passed the test for independence may operate the instruments without CCMR staff supervision.  
  • Instrument training is strictly done by CCMR staff. Users are not asked to train other users. This takes pressure off of the user for becoming the “trainer” for the lab and also helps to ensure that equal, accurate information is relayed to each and every user of the facility.
  • NO PARTS are to leave the facility under any circumstances at any time unless written permission has been given by the CCMR Director. Violation of this policy will terminate your access to the facility.
  • Please clean up after yourself and leave the scope as you would like to see it when you arrive for a session (i.e. all oil lens’ cleaned, turret returned to 10x and escaped, software closed).
  • The last user of the day should shut the instrument down. Independent users should monitor the PPMS calendar carefully and check near the end of their session to be sure someone did not sign up behind them on the calendar before turning the instrument off.
  • The first user of the day should anticipate turning the instrument ON. Suggested warm up time for the argon laser is 30 minutes.
  • Data transfer is by disk (CD/DVD) or transfer to SMDNAS server ONLY. NO JUMP DRIVES. NO HARD DRIVES. Disks are provided by the CCMR.
  • SMDNAS server space is limited and shared by all CCMR users. Please be courteous and use the server to move data from the imaging instrument to your own labs storage space. It is greatly appreciated if you delete data off the server once you have transferred it.