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Fees/ Billing

The goal of the Electron Microscopy Shared Resource Laboratory is to provide low cost and prompt electron microscopic evaluation of your research specimens. An initial consultation with the Director is helpful to establish how we can best process and examine your particular specimen type. An innovative technical approach may be necessary for unusual types of research specimens. A consultation will provide a well-defined and an economical approach for the individual research project.

Note: Use of the core's TEM by trained users is billed at $95/hour unless otherwise specified. Use of SEM for biological projects is only available through the Medical Center's core facility.

TEM Fees

Technique Fee Time
Technique 1: Routine processing of tissue samples $129/hr 3-10 days
(1-5 samples)
Technique 2: Morphometric processing and image analysis To be determined Variable
Technique 3: Antigen/Antibody reaction Identification using gold 2°AB or DAB/silver $129/hr 4-6 days
(after embedment)
Preliminary light microscopy immunohistochemistry for antigen/antibody binding capacity $80/antibody
(antibody provided by investigator)
1-3 days
Technique 4: Negative staining for viral particles including digital image analysis and measurement $145/for 2-4 grids 1 day
Technique 5: Subcellular fraction pellet $129/hr 4-5 days
Technique 6: Cultured dell pop-off $129/hr 3-5 days
Technique 7: High-resolution plastic H&E-like staining $129/hr 4-5 days

SEM Fees

Procedure Fee Time
Electron microscope use (with electron microscopist) SEM use: $42/hour
(plus standard EM Core hourly rate or $125/hr)
Variable hours