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Specific Instrumentation/Equipment

Transmission Electron Microscope Hitachi 7650 with EDS (IF Instruments) and STEM (scanning/transmission unit for darkfield EM)

Scanning Electron Microscope Zeiss Supra 40VP Field Emission available for use by EM Core staff via the Department of Optics, River Campus

  • Ultramicrotomes (2) LKB III (1971) & Reichert UltraCut III (1986) for sectioning epoxy embedded tissue blocks
  • Critical Point Dryer (1991), BALZERS, CPD 030 used for specimen drying process prior to SEM examination
  • Light Microscopes (2), Olympus BX-40 (1997 & BH-2 (1984), Double Headed
  • Dissecting Microscope, Bausch & Lomb (1980)
  • Diamond knives (4), Diatome, for thin-sectioning epoxy blocks