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Looking for upcoming lectures presented by the Flow Core's fearless leader? Perhaps you are looking for a lecture in the recent past so you can review something that was presented? Look no further!

Upcoming Lectures

Stay tuned for the next!

Past Lectures

Previous lectures are available from the Flow Core's Intranet server here at the University. You must have a secure connection to download them. If a lecture you are interested in is not listed, please contact Matt Cochran or Tim.

NOTE: To access lecture, you must enter your university ID and password, not your flow core information!

Date - date the lecture was presented

Lecture Title - name of the lecture as it was presented

Keyword - words that describe what the lecture might be about


Lecture Title

5 October 2012

Advanced Fluorescence Imaging

Life Technologies, imaging, fluoresence
9 January 2012

Multicolor Flow Optimization

compensation, panel design, controls
24 July 2011

Q and A session for Pathology Graduate Students

gating, pathology students, q and a


Statistical Analysis of Flow Cytometric Data

statistics, analysis


Success in Cytometry, Volume 2



Success in Cytometry, Volume 1



Statistics in Flow Cytometry

statistics, median, mean, distribution


Cell Cycle Analysis

cell cycle, settings





Staining and Controls in Flow Cytometry

antibody, staining, controls


Immunological Tools in Flow Cytometry



Inside the Flow Cytometer

optics, electronics, fluidics


Optimal Voltage Settings

voltage settings


Application Specific Settings

application specific settings, templates


Multichromatic Panel Design: Theory (reference paper: Perfetto et al., (2004) Nat. Rev. Imunol. 4:648:655)

panel design, multicolor flow


Lecture 6: The Future of Data Analysis

flowjo, data analysis


Lecture 5: Reporting Your Data

figures, displaying data


Lecture 4: Statistics

statistics, median, mean, distribution


Lecture 3: Gating and Data Display

gating samples, display


Lecture 2: The three C’s – Controls, Compensation and Calibration

proper controls, compensation, calibration


Lecture 1: Flow Cytometric Data

flow cytometry, data, fcs files


Creating Application Settings

application specific settings