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Follow-up Visit of High Risk Infants

Research Question:
Are there maternal or neonatal risk factors that affect neurodevelopment in low birth-weight babies born in hospitals?

Basic Study Information

The NICHD Neonatal Research Network's Follow-Up study is a multi-center cohort in which surviving extremely low birth-weight infants born in participating network centers receive neurodevelopmental, neurosensory and functional assessments at 22-26 months corrected age (Infants born prior to July 1, 2012 were seen at 18-22 months corrected age). Data regarding pregnancy and neonatal outcome are collected prospectively. The goal is to identify potential maternal and neonatal risk factors that may affect infant neurodevelopment.

Location: University of Rochester

Study Contact Information

Study Coordinator: Carl T D'Angio, MD

Additional Study Details

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