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Collecting Breast Milk Samples for Future Research

Research Question:
We will collect breast milk samples for future research; and can we further characterize allergies/immunity and COVID-19/Coronavirus in breast milk?

Basic Study Information

When some research ideas are initially formed, they need to be tested on small amounts of human breast milk before moving on to large studies. This study will collect a one-time breast milk sample and questionnaire from each participant for that purpose. Participants will be compensated $5 per breast milk sample (up to 4 samples). Additionally, this study will collect multiple breast milk samples from two different groups of mothers who can collect samples at home. The first group will help us learn more about food allergies by collecting samples before a meal and 1, 2, 6, and 24 hours after a meal containing one egg, one cup of milk, or a small handful of peanuts. If a woman is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they may join a different group that will provide samples over time to help us learn how long the virus is present in breast milk.

Study Reference #: 1507

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Lead Researcher:  Kirsi Jarvinen-seppo

Study Contact Information

Study Coordinator: Rita
Phone: (585) 210-9402

Additional Study Details

Parking:  Reimbursed
Reimbursement:  Yes

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