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Welcome to the Multiphoton and Analytical Imaging Center (MAGIC)

About the Multiphoton SRL

Mission: The mission of the URMC Multiphoton Shared Resource Laboratory (SRL) is to provide state-of-the-art multiphoton imaging and image analysis capabilities to further the biomedical and bio-optical research.

High-end quantitative imaging capabilities: The Multiphoton SRL provides access to an Olympus FVMPE-RS two-photon microscope for deep tissue high-spatial and high-temporal resolution imaging. The system combines high speed, deep observation capability with multi-color imaging, which will meet a myriad of experiment needs. Professional and customized assistance in image analysis is available to support high quality quantitative imaging and publications. 

Open to all: Our services are available to all investigators within the University as well as academic or commercial/industrial institutions in the region.

Grant and publication support: If you need support letter or detailed imaging system description for grant submission, please contact core director

Information for New/Perspective Users

Training and access to the imaging system and image analysis software are available. Supports are provided throughout the imaging project life time, including the design of experimental procedures, sample preparations, acquisition of image data, and analysis of the acquired images. If you are interested in using the multiphoton system, please contact the core director for a consultation.

Contributions made by the core facility should be mentioned in the acknowledgments of scientific publications "Images were generated at the Multiphoton Research Core Facility at the University of Rochester Medical Center". If the work performed in the core facility is more than routine, publication as co-author is appropriate. Proper acknowledgment will show that the facility is used which will enable the growth and continuation of financial and other support.