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Welcome to the Multiphoton Core Facility

Coming Soon!  The Multiphoton Core Facility is currently undergoing a major upgrade to house an Olympus Fluoview FVMPE-RS Twin Lasers Gantry System which will be equipped with the current MaiTai HP DeepSee Ti:Sa laser and a second Insight X3 laser. The new system will have galvo and resonant scanners for both structure and dynamics imaging. The FVMPE-RS system combines high speed, deep observation capability with multi-color imaging, which will meet a myriad of experiment needs. System installation is planned to be done in early December, and full operation is expected in January 2018. You are welcome to schedule a meet with the director if you are interested in using our upcoming new two-photon microscope. 

About the Multiphoton SRL

The mission of the URMC Multiphoton Shared Resource Laboratory (SRL) is to provide state-of-the-art multiphoton imaging capabilities to further the biomedical and bio-optical research at the URMC and the University of Rochester with emphasis on intravital imaging and systems physiology.

The Multiphoton SRL provides access to an Olympus Fluoview 1000 AOM-MPM imaging system and a Spectra-Physics MaiTai HP DeepSee Ti:Sa laser system with dispersion compensation. Further capabilities include engineering applications for opto-electronics and spectroscopy, and software development for quantitative image analysis, visualization and instrument control.

Training and access to the imaging system are available as well as support in the design of experimental procedures, acquisition of image data, and analysis of the required images. Our services are available to all investigators within the University as well as academic or commercial/industrial institutions in the region.

The use of laboratory animals covered by active UCAR-protocols, tissue explants, and cell-cultures, and radio-active tracer substances is permitted. We also offer access to a chemical hood. Please ensure compliance with all intramural and extramural regulations regarding use of research animals and hazardous materials before accessing the Multiphoton SRL. Contributions made by the core facility should be briefly mentioned in the acknowledgments of scientific publications. If the work performed in the core facility is more than routine, publication as co-author is appropriate.