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Image Analysis

To supplement image collection, image analysis services specialized for microscopy will be available to users. The list of available image analysis services will be continually expanded as new methods are developed and new analyses are requested.

Image Analysis Training

If you would like to be trained to perform your own image analysis, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Contact Yurong Gao to schedule a 30 minute one-on-one consultation to discuss your images and analysis goals.

Step 2. Learn the capabilities of Imaris through the following (short) video

Step 3. Schedule a 1-2 hour hands-on image analysis training with Yurong Gao. This initial training covers the basics of image analysis with an emphasis on skills important for your research questions. You will learn concepts on generic demo images and may bring your own images for additional analysis, time permitting. 

Step 4. Advanced hands-on training can be requested based on the user’s needs.  Prior to this advanced training, the user must be able to perform basic analysis independently. 


Software for Image & Data Analysis and Instrument Control (PC only)

  • Imaris Full (SFCV) software
  • Amira 3D/4D+ visualization and analysis software
  • Prism 2D graphing and statistics software
  • Fiji (PC/Mac download)
  • Matlab with all toolboxes
  • Olympus Fluoview FV31S-DT Software


Additional Image Analysis Services

Image analysis code can be found at