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User Guidelines:

  1. Users reserve time based on the ID they are assigned when they register with the Multiphoton Core.
  2. When the user comes to use the two-photon microscope, they log in with the same ID provided. The amount of time logged in is then recorded to the minute.
  3. At the end of the month, the amount of time reserved vs the amount of time used for each reservation is checked. The greater of the two is billed for. The total amount of time used each month is then listed by user and sent to the department for bills at the end of the month. The investigator has 5 business days to check on any amount of time used. All inquiries are to be directed to (
  4. If no inquiries are made, the account number listed when a user register will be billed and the amount of money will be deducted from that account.
  5. All reservations must be cancelled or changed 48 hours in advance.
  6. Users are expected to properly budget time (at least 10 minutes) before the end of their session for carefully cleaning the objectives, cleaning in vivo equipment if applicable, and for returning the microscope to its default condition.
  7. If your run is taking longer than expected and will run into another user’s time, they have the right to bump you at the time their run is to start.
  8. Please do not make reservations for a colleague/friend/lab mate.  We have an authorization system to ensure that those trained and approved to use the instrumentation can reserve time.


  • Users must have completed the required trainings before they can book time on the system for use.
  • When using the system, users should refer to the start and end protocol to ensure proper setup and shut down of the system.
  • Users are responsible for cleaning up (objective, stage, and work station) once they have completed their imaging session.
  • No instrument or components (such as objectives) can be borrowed for use outside the core facility.
  • Each user is responsible for his/her own data, and they are required to properly save and transfer their data to the correct data server.
  • Users who fail to adhere to these policies will be additionally charged to their account, and their access to the facility may be lost.
  • Access to the facility will be restored after meeting with the director of the facility.
  • Persistent offenders (more than three violations in a calendar year) will be required to undergo training and additional requirements as determined by the core staff.

Core Documents Downloads

  1. Multiphoton Core Facility Policy
  2. Olympus FVMPE-RS multiphoton system guidance
  3. Current filter cubes information
  4. Common fluorophore excitation and emission information
  5. Isoflurane and vaporizer guidance