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Instrumentation & Equipment

Multiphoton Imaging & Laser System

  • Multiphoton microscope system (Olympus Fluoview 1000 AOM-MPM system for DeepSee laser)
  • Multiphoton laser system (Spectra-Physics MaiTai HP DeepSee Ti:Sa laser)
  • Optical Table with electronic vibration control (Newport Smart Table ST-58-12, 5’x6’x8”)
  • Microscope lens for high-resolution in vivo  imaging (Olympus 25x, NA 1.05)
  • Microscope lens for low-magnification imaging (Zeiss C-Apochromat 10x, NA 0.45)
  • Microscope lens for orientation, electrode placement and optical imaging (Olympus 4x)
  • Digital wide-field video camera integrated in Multiphoton imaging system

Optical, Opto-Electronical, & Opto-Mechanical Equipment

  • Autocorrelator (PSCOUT HR, Newport)
  • Near-IR-Spectrometer (PSPECNIR, Newport)
  • UV-VIS Spectrometer (BW-Tek BTC1112E)
  • Optoelectronic modulator with linear amplifier (350-80LA E, Conoptics)
  • Laser-power meter with high power and low power detector (1918-C, Newport)
  • Collection of lenses, optical fibers, dichroic mirrors and emission filters (Semrock, Chroma, Newport, Thorlabs)
  • Collection of opto-mechanical components (Linos, Newport, Thorlabs)
  • Micrometer-scale for calibration of MPM-microscope system (S21024, Summers optical)

Equipment for Electrophysiology & Systems Physiology

  • External microscope stage for in vivo imaging in small rodents. Note: Small-animals or sample holders can be directly mounted to adjustable M6-mini-breadboard which are integral part of the microscope stage. An M6 screw set is available for all core users.
  • External microscope stage adapter for in vitro/ex-vivo imaging (e.g. histological slides, cell-culture dishes and acute slice preparations). Note: Transition time between in vivo and in vitro microscope stage less than 1 minute). Cell- or slice-chambers can be directly mounted to the stage adapter using ¼”-20 screws with one inch (25.4 mm) spacing. A ¼”-20 screw-set is available for all core users.
  • Intracellular amplifier (Neuroprobe 1600, AM Systems)
  • Micromanipulators system with 2 closed loop manipulators (MP225, Sutter Instruments)
  • Pulse generator with 2 stimulus isolators (AMPI Master 8/Isoflex)
  • Picoammeter for polarographic oxygen measurements
  • Medical Gas (O2, CO2, N2, room-air)  with multi-channel flow-meter
  • 16 channel-real time data acquisition system (Digidata 1440/pCLAMP10, Axon Instruments)

Software for Image & Data Analysis and Instrument Control (PC only)

  • Olympus Fluoview 1000 Software
  • PCLAMP10 (Axon Instruments)
  • Matlab 32bit and 64bit for PC (latest release) with all toolboxes
  • Origin Pro 7.5 (Statistical analysis and Scientific Graphing)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Suite (C++ and Visual Basic compiler)
  • ImageJ (Download Instructions)