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  • Pediatric Clinical
    Oversees enrollment and treatment of underaged subject. Identifies safety and feasibility of specimen collection in different age groups.
  • Adult Clinical
    Oversees enrollment and treatment of adult subjects. More adult clinical core capabilities.
  • Microbiomics
    Conducts studies to understand the impact of microbial pathogens and human microbial flora on respiratory virus infections and immunity.
  • Genomics
    Facilitates implementation of genomics technologies, transcriptomic analysis in particular. Collaborates to develop optimal experimental designs, ensure optimal genomics data management, and leading genomics data analysis. Works closely with project personnel to perform integrated analysis of clinical, immunological, microbiomic, and genomic data for the purposes of identifying markers of respiratory pathogen-related disease susceptibility and severity.
  • Immunology
    Performs identification, establishment, optimization, performance, and interpretation of immunological assays.
  • Pathogen Surveillance
    Facilitates the implementation of diagnostic assays for respiratory pathogens.
  • Data Management, Informatics and Computational Biology (DMICB)
    Provides data management, statistical, and bioinformatics services.
  • Pneumococcal Assay Development - University of Alabama Birmingham
    Provides expertise in assay development and bacterial reagents. Serves as a WHO Pneumococcal Serology Reference Laboratory.
  • Project Management
    Oversees the scope, timeline, and budget of the contract.
  • Leadership
    Responsible for overall implementation of the RPRC and key contact for technical aspects of the project.
  • Administration
    Provides financial administration and coordinates contract management with the UR Office of Research Programs Administration (ORPA).