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  • Proposal submission support including obtaining appropriate internal approvals, verification that proposals meet federal regulations and university policies and procedures prior to submission, verification that proposal budgets have sufficient funds, and correct facilities and administrative (F&A) cost rate are applied to sponsored project budgets.
  • Upon award acceptance, review terms and conditions and accuracy of the award, complies with and implement award terms and conditions and subcontract scope of work, prepare revised categorized budget based on actual award and specific needs of the project, appropriately and efficiently uses and reports on the correct use of space, obtain, maintain, and safeguard property used to conduct research in accordance with federal and university procedures prior to submission, and develop, monitor, and administer service center rates in accordance with federal and university procedures.
  • Provide financial administration of project funds, verification that project charges are allowable and allocatable in accordance with federal and university policies and procedures, support university compliance and monitoring efforts related to financial management and report instances of noncompliance to the appropriate compliance office, adjusts, and certify accuracy of effort reporting for all applicable personnel.
  • At project closeout, submit accurate and timely closeout documents to applicable federal agencies and university entities, initiates resolution to any cost overruns, complete and submits appropriate final closeout or transfer forms, and secure and maintain all documentation in accordance with federal and university policies and procedures.