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  • Genomics/Transcriptomics experimental design consulting
  • RNASeq – Illumina (GAIIx) and Applied Biosystems/Life Technologies (SOLiD) platforms performed in collaboration with URMC Functional Genomics Center
  • Genome-wide expression microarrays – Latest generation Affymetrix and Illumina gene expression arrays platforms available via URMC Functional Genomics Center and outside contractors
  • Genome-wide expression data extraction, normalization, and analysis
  • Biospecimen collection and processing, consultation services and SOPs (for RNA and DNA purification)
  • Broad range of validation and/or candidate gene expression analysis platforms. Standard (96-well), high throughput (384-well) and very high throughput (TLDA) qPCR for RNA analysis (ultra-high sensitivity digital qPCR may also be available). Standard ELISA and multiplex-based (Millipore) protein analysis