RHIC Executive Committee

The Center Executive Committee decide priorities for collaborative projects with the RHIC Core lab; evaluate Pilot Projects; choose candidates for training in the RHIC Core lab, and meet with trainees and pilot project PIs twice-yearly. Current Executive Committee members are:

Nick Crispe, Associate Director, Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology

Steve Dewhurst, Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology

Rich Fisher, Director, James P. Wilmot Cancer Center; Vice President of Clinical Services; Chief, Department of Medicine

Mike Keefer, Director, HIV Vaccine Testing Unit, D-CFAR

Inaki Sanz, Chief, Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology; Director, Autoimmunity Center of Excellence

John Treanor, Chief, Infectious Disease

Steve Bernstein, Professor of Medicine, Cancer Center

Tim Bushnell, Director, URSMD Flow Core

Steve Georas, Chief, Pulomonary and Critical Care

Craig Jordan, Associate Professor of Medicine, Biomedical Genetics