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Function of RoAR

  • Strengthen and connect stakeholders in aging research.
  • Offer a "home" for development of focused centers of excellence in basic and translational research on aging and longevity.
  • Support the focused centers of excellence in successfully competing for extramural research awards.
  • Facilitate sufficient "crosstalk" between centers within the Institute to stimulate innovative transdisciplinary collaborations for the study of aging.
  • Award pilot grants to initiate collaborative projects within and between centers of excellence across the spectrum of basic and translational sciences of aging.
  • Award travel awards supporting UR students and postdocs, or to bring in visiting scientists from other institutions.
  • Leverage the quality and reputation of aging research at U of R to attract talented students, postdocs and faculty interested in this area.
  • Establish funded training programs for graduate students and postdocs in aging research.
  • Organize a seminar series that brings in 6 speakers with expertise in aging research each year.
  • Organize retreats in which ideas for collaborative opportunities in aging related research will be developed – resulting in multidisciplinary publications, research projects and center grants.
  • Increase national and international visibility of UR aging research.