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Match Day 2018

Match Day, March 16, 2018, is a day that all fourth-year students at the at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry work toward. It's the day they find out where they've been "matched" for residency training, a major step forward in their careers. The Class of 2018 includes 100 future doctors who will continue their training across a total of 23 states. This year, 21 percent were matched at UR Medicine's Strong Memorial Hospital. Congratulations to all the students and their families as they prepare for this journey!

MD Class of 2018 Post Graduation Appointment List

Match Day 2018 Photo Gallery

Most frequent match locations by state:
New York: 39
Pennsylvania: 12
Massachusetts: 7
Ohio: 5
California: 5

Specialty choices for URSMD Class of 2018:
Anesthesiology: 3
Dermatology: 6
Emergency Medicine: 4
Family Medicine: 11
Internal Medicine: 19
Combined Internal Medicine - Emergency Medicine: 1
Combined Internal Medicine - Pediatrics: 1
Child Neurology: 3
Neurology: 5
Neurosurgery: 2
Obstetrics & Gynecology: 9
Ophthalmology: 3
Otolaryngology: 1
Pathology: 1
Pediatrics: 8
Plastic Surgery: 3
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: 1
Preliminary Surgery: 1
Psychiatry: 8
Radiology: 3
Radiation Oncology: 1
General Surgery: 3
Urology: 1