Biomedical Informatics Program

The Biomedical Informatics Program (BIP) is devoted to coordinating biomedical informatics research, education, and service at University of Rochester.

Our Missions

  • Coordinating the existing biomedical informatics resources at UR
  • Providing routine consulting service to investigators and trainees
  • Integrating the existing resources and incremental development of an institutional information infrastructure to support biomedical research
  • Collaborating with external partners to develop and adopt biomedical informatics technical standards
  • Assessing and optimizing of biomedical informatics services

Our Specific Research and Development

  • Biomedical data management
  • Mathematical/statistical modeling
  • Computer simulation
  • Clinical trial facilitation
  • Biomedical process management
  • Informatics-mediated behavioral intervention

Organization and Function

The organization and function of BIP is shown in the following chart:

BIP Organizational Chart