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Mosio for Texting Research Subjects

Mosio for ResearchThe University of Rochester now has an approved vendor for texting research subjects.  Mosio is a “text messaging software enabling you to efficiently communicate with, collect data from, and engage research participants.”


Mosio and REDCap


  • Mosio must be used as an integration with REDCap and not used independently. 

  • Please obtain IRB approval to use the Mosio integration with your REDCap project.

  • Submit a REDCap Support Request

    • The REDCap Admin team will reach out to schedule a review of your project requirements
  • The REDCap Admin team will provide a proposal on building your REDCap Survey and help request a Quote from Mosio. 

    • Note: The use of Mosio requires Academic IT to build out your REDCap survey

    • Note: Please avoid requesting a Quote from Mosio prior to discussing the requirements with the REDCap Admin team. 

If you'd like to learn more about Mosio, please visit:

For questions, please contact the REDCap Administrator