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Policies and Paperwork

If a Bridge mentor sets up a clinical shadowing opportunity for a high school student, undergraduate student, or learner not associated with URMC, both mentor and mentee need to review the forms below to ensure all institutional policies are followed. Please take particular note of the following:

  • Attachment A (Observer Letter of Agreement) and Attachment B (Required Checklist) must be completed prior to shadowing. These forms can be filed with the mentor’s division administrator, and do not need to be provided to the Bridge Lead Team.
  • Mentees must be at least 16 years old to shadow. If the mentee is 16 or 17, a parent/guardian signature is needed on Attachment A (Letter of Agreement for Short-term Observational Experiences).
  • COVID vaccination is required to shadow, and flu vaccination is required if shadowing occurs between October and April. Download Shadowing Policy.
  • There is no need to register at the Information Station or Department of Public Safety on the day of shadowing, but the mentee should wear a badge (Attachment D) at all times.

If research mentees will need access to protected health information (PHI), their mentor should send a completed PHI Compliance Form to to request access for their trainee.