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Our Mission & Goals

Trainees enjoying a night off
Trainees enjoying a night off (from left to right): Dr. Samuel Ayo (IM), Dr. Adaora Chima (Anesthesiology), Dr. Terace Thomas (Peds), Dr. Melissa Dundas (Adolescent Medicine), Dr. Berney Vincent (Radiology), and Dr. Mofiyin Obadina (Med-Peds)

Our Mission

AMRF is committed to promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and the advancement of URiM trainees. Our aims are to increase representation of URiM trainees in all fields at URMC through recruitment and retention, to create and sustain a supportive community amongst ourselves through mentorship, and to foster the advancement of our members and surrounding community through networking and advocacy. We work to intentionally create psychologically safe, culturally informed, and socially conscious spaces filled with opportunities for connection, and personal and professional growth.

Our Goals

  • Diversity: work strategically and collaboratively with our affiliate organizations to support diversity initiatives at the University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Advancement: provide career development opportunities across all fields of medicine locally and nationally
  • Networking: engage with our URMC affiliate and community organizations to provide a social and professional support network
  • Mentorship: foster and strengthen the pipeline from the medical student to the faculty level
  • Recruitment & Retention: improve the diversity in our training programs and faculty, by actively recruiting clinically excellent URiM while encouraging retention through the creation of a supportive and equitable professional environment
  • Community Advocacy: serving our surrounding community by providing health education, outreach, and promoting engagement opportunities
  • Collaboration: working alongside our affiliate affinity organizations to support and promote diversity and inclusion efforts across our institution