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URMC Faculty Out and Ally List

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The Out and Ally list was created in conjunction with the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry LGBTQ Faculty Advisory Committee as a resource to foster inclusion, visibility, awareness and networking for members of the URSMD community and those who may be interested in joining the SMD community as a student, trainee, faculty or staff.

The safe space trained indicates that an individual has completed Safe Space training.

Dr. Paul AllenPaul D. Allen, PhD - He, Him, His  safe space trained
Research Program Manager, Department of Otolaryngology

Gay/Queer Cis Man

I manage the research program in the Department of Otolaryngology and also collaborate on auditory neuroscience projects across campus. I'm involved with community organizations and groups such as ImageOut (Rochester's LGBTQ Film Festival) and the LGBT Giving Circle at the Rochester Area Community Foundation. In my role as co-chair of the UR Pride Alliance, I advocate for workplace conditions that are inclusive and welcoming to LGBTQ people. I strive to be an ally that trans and GNC people can count on.

Dr. Alison AlpertAlison Alpert, MD - She, Her, Hers
Senior Instructor, Departments of Psychiatry and Medicine

Queer Genderqueer Woman

As a queer-identified Jewish faculty member, I am deeply invested in and committed to building a diverse workforce and a culture that supports and celebrates that diversity.

Dr. Emily CarmodyEmily E. Carmody, MD - She, Her, Hers
Associate Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery
Division Chief, Orthopaedic Oncology
Associate Residency Program Director, Orthopaedic Surgery​
Orthopaedic Surgery Diversity Committee

Ally Cis Woman

As a female practicing in a field historically dominated by men it has been important to me to help build a community of inclusion. I am committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment that shapes our approach to healthcare, education, and research, in order to foster collaboration and excellence in patient care.

Dr. Kate CerulliCatherine Cerulli, JD, PhD - She, Her, Hers
Director, Susan B. Anthony Center

Ally Cis Woman

I have been working on issues related to diversity for over a decade. I direct the Susan B. Anthony Center, which focuses on issues related to social justice, equity, and diversity. The Center has conducted a number of surveys to examine current programming for University of Rochester and community providers, as well as regarding LGBTQ issues.

Dr. Linda ChaudronLinda Chaudron, MD, MS - She, Her, Hers safe space trained
Associate Vice President for Inclusion and Culture Development, University of Rochester Medical Center
Senior Associate Dean for Inclusion and Culture Development, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Ally Cis Woman

I have always been an advocate for allyship as I believe that we must all come together to learn from and support each other. It is only by having a diverse and inclusive community that we will achieve our goals of providing the best care, education and work environment.

Dr. John CullenJohn P. Cullen, PhD - He, Him, His safe space trained
Research Associate Professor, Clinical and Translational Research
Director of Diversity and Inclusion, UR CTSI
Assistant Director, UR Susan B. Anthony Center
Office for Inclusion and Culture Development

Gay Cis Man

As an administrator for the medical center and river campus, I have a strong commitment to human rights, social justice, and diversity. My work has led to the establishment of transition-related health care benefits for university employees and students, and the delivery of workshops and statewide conferences, that address LGBT healthcare and disparities in the delivery of medical services.

Dr. Erin DuecyErin Duecy, MD, MS - She, Her, Hers
Associate Professor, Departments of OB-GYN & Urology
Division Director & Fellowship Director, Urogynecology​

Assistant DIO, URMC Graduate Medical Education

Ally Cis Woman

In my roles at URMC, I am lucky to work with, mentor, teach, and care for a diverse group of people with a wide variety of gifts and experiences to share. As an ally I am a learner who strives to listen, believe, amplify, and reach out in service of building a respectful, caring, inclusive environment where we can all be our best selves and realize our full potentials as individuals and as an institution.

Dr. Andrew EvansAndrew G. Evans, MD, PhDHe, Him, His
Assistant Professor of Pathology & Lab Medicine
Director of Hematopathology Fellowship Program

Ally Cis Man

As a clinical educator, researcher, and mentor to trainees, I think it is essential that the University of Rochester Medical Center is a safe and inclusive environment that seeks diversity amongst its members and is supportive of all members of the community.

Dr. Chunkit FungChunkit Fung, MD, MSCE - He, Him, His
Assistant Professor, Department of Hematology and Oncology and Department of Public Health Sciences
Medical Director, Solid Oncology Inpatient Service
Co-Director, WCI Tobacco Treatment Program

Gay Cis Man

As a member of the faculty senate and a member of the school of medicine LGBTQA Faculty Advisory Committee, I am strongly committed to promoting and building an inclusive environment where people from diverse backgrounds feel welcome.

Dr. Caren GellinCaren Gellin, MD - She, Her, Hers Safe Space Trained
Pediatric Residency Program Director
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Ally Cis Woman

In my clinical work as a pediatrician, my education work as a residency program director, and my personal life, I am dedicated to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion that I believe will strengthen and bring us together by celebrating each person’s unique contributions.

J. Christopher GlantzJ. Christopher Glantz, MD, MPH – He, Him, His
Professor of OBGYN and Public Health Sciences

Ally Cis Man

Having a gay roommate in college opened my eyes to the perspectives of those with sexual orientations different from mine. We didn't know each other well when we first considered sharing an apartment, and I recall him saying “You should be aware that I’m gay.”  My response was “As long as you’re aware that I’m not, it won’t be an issue.” We have been lifelong friends ever since. Respect for individuals, regardless of orientation or gender identity, is what matters.

Dr. Katherine Blumoff GreenbergKatherine Blumoff Greenberg, MD - She, Her, Hers safe space trained
Assistant Professor, Divisions of Adolescent Medicine and General Gynecology
Departments of Pediatrics and Obstetrics & Gynecology
Director, Gender Health Services Clinic, Adolescent Medicine

Ally Cis Woman

I have been an ally since my teen years, way before that term was in popular usage. My professional career centers around the care of transgender youth and young adults, and I teach about health care for gender diverse populations across the medical center, the region, and nationally.

Dr. Amy R. Harrington

Amy R. Harrington, MD – She, Her, Hers safe space trained
Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Residency Program Director, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Ally Cis Woman

As a practicing Ob/Gyn and the residency program director, I am committed to creating a diverse and caring environment so that my colleagues, patients, residents and students practice, teach, learn and receive care in a compassionate and welcoming setting.

Scott Hartman, MD - He, Him, His safe space trainedDr. Scott Hartman
Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Commission on Health of the Public and Science, American Academy of Family Physicians

Gay Cis Man

As a clinician and teacher, I am involved in local, state and national advocacy work in the areas of health equity, women's health and LGBT health. My roles focus on promoting equality and inclusion for diverse patients, students, residents and families.

Dr. Diane Hartmann

Diane M. Hartmann, MD
Senior Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

As an Obstetrician and Gynecologist, and Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, I am committed to fostering a learning and work environment where all individuals are treated with respect and equality.

Dr. Bob HollowayRobert Holloway, MD, MPH - He, Him, His
Edward A. and Alma Vollertson Rykenboer Professor of Neurology
Chair, Department of Neurology

Ally Man

As Chair of Neurology and a longtime faculty member, I am committed to promoting an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment so that each individual can achieve their potential.

Dr. Mike KamaliMichael Kamali, MD, FACEP - He, Him, His
Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Ally Man

As chair of the department of Emergency Medicine, I am committed to assuring an inclusive environment for all who provide and receive care.

Dr. Charles KamenCharles Kamen, PhD, MPH - He, Him, His
Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
Chair of Health Equity Research, NCI Community Oncology Research Program Research Base

Gay Cis Man

My research focuses on the experiences of LGBT persons with cancer, as well as their relationships with their caregivers and support partners. I am committed to improving healthcare for LGBT patients and their loved ones, and working toward health equity for minority and underserved cancer patients more broadly.

Paul D. Kingsley

Paul D. Kingsley, PhD - He, Him, His safe space trained
Research Assistant Professor in Pediatrics

Ally Cis Man

As a faculty member training graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, as well as a member of the faculty senate, I feel strongly that we must promote and demonstrate an environment of inclusion for all members of our community.

Dr. David LambertDavid R. Lambert, MD - He, Him, His
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education

Ally Cis Man

I am committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment in our medical school and in our broader community. Embracing the diversity of others enriches us an individuals and as a school and as a university.

Dr. Brooke LevandowskiBrooke A. Levandowski, PhD, MPA - She, Her, Hers
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute


I have been an activist and advocate for stigmatized and disadvantaged populations, including my own queer community, for over 20 years. My research focuses on how social determinants of health impact health-decision making and may lead to undesirable sexual and reproductive health outcomes. These include HIV, STIs, unsafe abortion, and unplanned pregnancies, both domestically and on the African continent. I have worked to expand equity in both academic and professional settings, and continue this critical work to create safe, open, and welcoming spaces at URMC.

Dr. Vivian LewisVivian Lewis, MD - She, Her, Hers safe space trained
Vice Provost, Faculty Development and Diversity, University of Rochester
Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

Ally Cis Woman

In my personal and professional life, I am deeply committed to diversity, equity and social justice. In my role as Vice Provost, I strive to be an inclusive as possible as I believe that our university can only thrive by creating a sense of belonging for all. Our office supports several initiatives that focus on the LGBTQ community.

Dr. Elizabeth LoomisElizabeth Loomis, MD - She, Her, Hers safe space trained
Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine

Bisexual Cis Woman

My wife and I both trained at the University of Rochester and are happy to make Rochester our personal and professional home with our daughter Alexandra. With my faculty position in the Family Medicine residency, I find it also important to create a welcoming and inclusive home for others.

Dr. Jeffrey LynessJeffrey M. Lyness, MD - He, Him, His
SMD Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology

Ally Cis Man

I have long been committed to helping make our workplaces welcoming environments that value the perspectives contributed by all aspects of diversity. As a member of sometimes-stigmatized groups myself, and also learning from many family members, friends, and colleagues, I embrace the mutual benefits of such approaches, and understand the individual and communal harms of failing to do so.

Megan C. Lytle-FlintMegan C. Lytle-Flint, Ph.D - She, Her, Hers
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Ally Cis Woman


Bearing witness to the marginalization of individuals in my clinical and international work sparked my passion for research focusing on LGBT persons and multicultural concerns.

Dr. Supriya Mohile​Supriya Mohile, MD, MS - She, Her, Hers
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine - Hematology/Oncology
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
Director, Geriatric Oncology Clinic

Ally Cis Woman

I am a faculty member in Oncology. As a researcher, I mentor and sponsor many junior faculty from diverse backgrounds. I am committed to embracing diversity and truly feel that diversity is what will allow the University of Rochester Medical Center and its faculty to reach its full potential.

Dr. Christopher MooneyChristopher J. Mooney, PhD, MPH, MA - He, Him, His
Director of Assessment, School of Medicine and Dentistry
Offices for Medical Education; Division of Medical Humanities

Ally Cis Man

As an administrator, educator, and researcher, I am committed to building a more inclusive and supportive environment that celebrates our diversity and differences at the University of Rochester.

Dr. Adrienne MorganAdrienne L. Morgan, PhD - She Her, Hers safe space trained
Assistant Dean for Medical Education Diversity and Inclusion, Office for Inclusion and Culture Development
Senior Director for the Center of Advocacy, Community Health, Education, and Diversity, Offices for Medical Education
Assistant Professor, Division for Medical Humanities and Bioethics

Ally Cis Woman

I am an administrator for the medical school and medical center. As a diversity and inclusion leader, I am committed to insuring that our university is a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Dr. Gary MorrowGary Morrow, PhD, MS - He, Him, His
Professor of Surgery

Ally Cis Man

I try to make working in our unit comfortable for all.

Dr. Karen MustianKaren M. Mustian, PhD, MPH, ACSM, FSBM - She, Her, Hers
Co-Director, Wilmot Cancer Institute Cancer Control and Survivorship
Co-Director, University of Rochester Cancer Center NCI Community Oncology Research Program Research Base
Director, PEAK Human Performance Clinical Research Laboratory
Professor of Surgery

Gay, Lesbian, Cis Woman

As an out lesbian and queer scholar, I have been a huge advocate for valuing and celebrating diversity in all aspects of my personal and work life for over 30 years. As I watch the worlds of academia and academic medicine change, albeit slowly, I am grateful. I am also excited to see us move into a new understanding of what forms diversity should take on. It is exciting to see and hear about increasing numbers and visibility, but it is even more thrilling to hear about creating a sense of safety, celebration of unique contributions and instilling feelings of belonging by and for all our queer grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, friends, and family.

Dr. Betsy NaumbergBetsy Naumberg, MD - She, Her, Hers
SMD Associate Dean, Advising
Professor of Family Medicine

Ally Cis Woman, straight

I am committed to unconditional positive regard towards all individuals and social justice throughout communities. My career in medical education has included a long-time commitment to diversity training and support for learners from all backgrounds.

Dr. Keith NehrkeKeith Nehrke, PhD - He, Him, His
Professor of Medicine, Nephrology
Ally Cis Man
I am privileged to be a parent to a non-binary child who is a leader of a high-school LBG+ support group, and I am committed to fostering an inclusive, diverse environment both at home and in my laboratory.


Dr. Flavia Nobay

Flavia Nobay, MD - She, Her, Hers
Associate Dean for Admissions
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Ally Cis Woman

As an Emergency Medicine physician and Associate Dean for Admissions, it is my distinct pleasure to work toward an environment of service and learning where all are treated with respect and equality.

Dr. Suzanne PiotrowskiSuzanne Piotrowski, MD - She, Her, Hers safe space trained
Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine
Department of Family Medicine

Ally Cis Woman

Straight Ally: Long history as a political activist, community advocate, primary care physician and medical school/residency faculty member focusing on LGBTQI patients and the Rochester community.

George PorterGeorge A. Porter Jr., MD, PhD - He, Him, His
Associate Professor
Fellowship Director, Division of Pediatric Cardiology

Ally Cis Man

I believe in the principles of inclusion for all, and I fully support a diverse environment at the University of Rochester and in the Rochester community. Such an environment strengthens us all and increases everyone’s well-being.

Dr. Brett W. Robbins

Brett W. Robbins, MD - He, Him, His
Program Director, Internal Medicine - Pediatrics Residency
Professor, Department of Medicine
Professor, Department of Pediatrics

Ally Cis Male

I have been in an administrative role in resident education for over 20 years here at URMC. I am committed to providing an inclusive environment that taps into everyone’s full potential. That’s what Meliora means to me.

Dr. Erik RueckmannErik Rueckmann, MD, MPH - He, Him, His
Advisory Dean, School of Medicine and Dentistry
Medical Director American Medical Response, Rochester, NY
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Gay Cis Man

I believe that diversity creates a stronger more vibrant world and have seen how strong we become when we build a community built on understanding each other.

Dr. Vincent SilencioVincent M. B. Silenzio, MD, MPH - He, Him, His
Associate Professor, Psychiatry, Public Health Sciences, and Family Medicine
Director, LINCS/Network Science Lab

Gay Cis Man

I have been actively engaged in LGBTQ+ health research, teaching, and clinical care in the U.S. and abroad for over three decades. I have been committed throughout my career to support the success of students, trainees, and faculty members who represent all communities, not only in medicine, but also across all areas of academia and within all societies across the globe.

Celeste Song, MD, MS - She, Her, HersDr. Celeste Song
Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine

Ally Cis Woman

As an ally, I celebrate the diversity of humanity, including sexual orientation and gender identity. I am pleased to provide primary care to individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities. As a faculty member in our Family Medicine Residency and Director of the Medical Education Pathway, I strive to model inclusiveness in medical education.

Mark B. Taubman, MD - He, Him, HisDr. Mark Taubman
CEO, University of Rochester Medical Center
Dean, School of Medicine and Dentistry

Ally Man

When I took the job as CEO and Dean, I did so to give everyone the opportunity to shine, by creating an environment in which all are respected and valued for what they uniquely bring to the team. I believe the URMC is strength​ened by the varied backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives of our workforce and patients. Diversity ensures that our organization is dynamic, lively - and ultimately, successful.

Dr. Loralei ThornburgLoralei  L. Thornburg, MD – She, Her, Hers
Division Director & Fellowship Director, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine
Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
James R. Woods, Jr. Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Ally Cis Woman

As a woman caring for women and families during complicated pregnancy, as well as training fellows and residents in the care of complex pregnancy management, inclusion and diversity are critical cornerstones to help families of all types through this emotionally difficult process. Our fellowship and division is strongly committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion to help broaden our understanding and care for all types of patients and families.

Dr. Colleen Tomcik

Colleen Tomcik, MD - She, Her, Hers
Associate Director, Adult Neurology Residency Program

Ally Cis Woman

As Associate Director of the Adult Neurology Residency Program at URMC and member of the Neurology Diversity Working Group, I am committed to making our Department and Medical Center an inclusive, supportive environment for all people.  Developing ways to embrace and enhance diversity in our program is one of the most important objectives in my role as an educational leader.

Susan Yussman

Susan M. “Shellie” Yussman, MD, MPH - She, Her, Hers safe space trained
Interim Chief, Division of Adolescent Medicine
Director, Adolescent Medicine Fellowship
Associate Professor, Departments of Pediatrics and Community Health

Ally Cis Woman

I am a long-standing ally of the LGBTQ community. I provide gender health clinical services to teens and young adults in our Adolescent Medicine clinic, and I teach about gender health care at the university and in the community. I am strongly committed to training our current and future generations of health care providers to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion.