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Head and Neck Cancer

Speech/Voice and Swallowing Services for Chemo-Radiation Patients

The Division of Speech Pathology is part of the multi-disciplinary chemo-radiation team at Strong Memorial Hospital. We provide speech/voice and swallowing services to chemo-radiation patients. Patients are seen in our department pre-, during, and post-treatment and followed for approximately one year to manage speech/voice and swallowing deficits post-treatment.

We also provide counseling to patients and families, as needed. Strong Memorial Hospital also has a monthly support group (Oral Head & Neck Support Group) for this population that discusses pertinent issues related to treatment and provides appropriate counseling. We work closely with the support group and attend monthly meetings for quality of care  We are also closely involved with nutrition support services while patients are on tube feeds or beginning oral intake toward the end of treatment.

Our Head and Neck Surgeons are: Shawn D. Newlands, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A. F.A.C.S., Matthew C. Miller, M.D. and Paul G. van der Sloot, M.D..