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Why Choose Us?

Stroke Quality Measures at Strong Memorial Hospital

UR Medicine's Comprehensive Stroke Center offers world-class treatment and prevention of stroke, and has the area’s only dedicated Neuromedicine Intensive Care Unit.

We not only understand the physical disability as a result of stroke, but also the economic and psychosocial burden on our community. Our team of neurologists and neurosurgeons have successfully achieved the highest rates of acute intervention and secondary stroke prevention possible for stroke in the region.

Bhalla surgery image

Our nationally recognized, highly trained stroke and neurocritical care team provide comprehensive care for all types of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases. State of the art neuroimaging capabilities and immediate access to all subspecialists, offer patients medical and surgical treatments necessary for the best outcomes.

Our stroke protocol incorporates an extended panel of imaging and interventional capabilities, including multi-modal CT scanning and an Endovascular angiosuite, that enable us to expand the time window and stop the devastating effects of stroke to 8 hours and beyond.

Our team uses intravenous clot-busters and minimally-invasive neurosurgical procedures (such as endovascular thrombectomy) to reach clots that block brain arteries, that which permits our team to rapidly restore blood flow to the brain, dramatically reducing effects of stroke.

UR Medicine's Stroke Center combines established methods with the latest medical and surgical techniques to help prevent strokes in patients most at risk for having one.