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Inclusive Recreation and Leisure Video Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to highlight the importance of recreation and leisure for people of all abilities, and highlight all aspects of inclusion (social, physical, behavioral, etc.). This campaign is sponsored by the Rochester Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities.

Please see our campaign flyer for more details!

What Is It?

We will create two separate videos to be shared with the community to campaign for inclusive recreation and leisure opportunities in the Greater Rochester region. Examples of recreation and leisure include, but are not limited to: sports, physical activity, creative arts, social groups, and clubs. Videos will be created and edited by Fish & Crown Production.

  • Video #1: Geared towards organizations and businesses to encourage them to pursue inclusion. We will do this by utilizing case studies, highlighting businesses who have been successful with inclusive efforts, addressing possible barriers, providing numbers and statistics around individuals who would be able to access services if inclusive, and providing a call to action at the end.
  • Video #2: Geared towards families with disability in the dynamic and individuals with disabilities. Video will highlight the importance of recreation and leisure, associated benefits (social, physical, occupational, mental, emotional), positive experiences families have had, and implications for the whole family. It will also encourage families to advocate for themselves and/or family members and include a message of people being able to choose what they want to do.

Who Will Be Featured?

People with disabilities, family members of people with disabilities, and organizations and businesses that are demonstrating inclusion.

  • A diverse group of individuals, across the lifespan, from a variety of disability categories: developmental, genetic, physical, etc.
  • Individuals will be interviewed on camera and/or featured in action shots while engaged in recreation or leisure activity.


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