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URMC / Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities / SCDD Connections Blog / October 2018 / We All Have a Right to Belong in Our Communities

We All Have a Right to Belong in Our Communities

The Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities in the Division of Behavioral Pediatrics is excited to present our Inclusive Recreation & Leisure Video Campaign! Sponsored by the Rochester Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (RRCASD) and the Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities (SCDD), the video campaign was created to advocate for full inclusion in recreation and leisure settings. Through discussion in SCDD’s Community Advisory Council (CAC), we heard from the community that advocacy in this area was a need. Based on this need, we developed a planning committee, which included self-advocates, family-advocates, and professionals, to help guide us in the process of developing the campaign. The campaign consists of two videos:

Video #1: Geared towards organizations and businesses to encourage them to pursue inclusion. The video highlights businesses who have been successful with inclusive efforts, and addresses perceived barriers to inclusion. This video also addresses the potential of increased business when an organization becomes inclusive.


Video #2: Geared towards families with disability in the dynamic and individuals with disabilities. Video highlights the importance of recreation and leisure and implications for the whole family. It also encourages families to advocate for inclusion and includes a message of people being able to choose what they want to do.



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