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Professional Development and Staff Training

Nationally recognized faculty members at the Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities provide training on several important topics related to promoting independence, inclusion, and quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities. Staff trainings are individualized to meet the unique needs and interests of groups. The following is a list of common topic areas and target audiences.

Please call us at (585) 275-6605 for more information.

New York State Education Department 3-Hour Mandated Autism Course Work Training/Certification Course - Approved Provider

In response to the growing number of children being diagnosed with autism, the New York State Education Department is requiring all persons applying for a teaching certificate or license as a special education teacher or as a school administrator who works in special education, complete course work or training in the needs of children with autism.

The Community Consultation Program has been approved by NYSED as an Autism Coursework Provider/Trainer and is offering this course.

The 3-hour training follows the NYSED approved curriculum. After successful completion of the training, participants will be New York State Certified.

For details, visit the NYSED website.

More Professional Development and Staff Training

  • Training Specifically for Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Our faculty has specialized expertise in providing behavioral and educational support for children with Autism spectrum disorders in classroom and other settings.
  • Training for Challenging Behavior and Daily Living Skills
    Behavior Challenges: Functional Assessment and Intervention of Problem Behavior

    This training focuses on methods for conducting a functional behavioral assessment (FBA) to evaluate problem behavior in children with Autism. Based on the results of an FBA, a function-based intervention and behavior plan can be developed and implemented in home, community, and school settings. Workshop includes emphasis on antecedent-based strategies and effective use of positive reinforcement for the promotion of adaptive skills.
  • Trainings in School-Wide Positive Behavior Support
    School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SW-PBS) is a systems-level (district or school) change model that uses empirically validated procedures to positively impact school discipline issues, and allow greater time for academically engaged time. SW-PBS builds educators’ capacity to improve the behavioral outcomes of ALL students and reduces the rate of troubling behaviors of students who challenge the resources of school districts. SW-PBS is currently being implemented across the country in over 4,000 schools to improve student behavior (typical results of year 1 implementation is a 20-60% reduction in office discipline referrals), increase capacity of all educators to effectively address troubling behaviors, and increase educator satisfaction in their professional positions. SW-PBS addresses ongoing discipline issues through data-based decision making, a team-based approach and function-based behavior support planning.