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Community Consultation Program


Consultation may include building capacity with child-specific teams or classroom teams at the school district or agency level. Consultation can also be provided to ensure that children with disabilities are educated in the most inclusive environment possible. Our consultant team includes behavior analysts, clinical and school psychologists, and educators who have expertise in using evidence-based interventions for students with Autism spectrum disorder, challenging behavior, emotional and behavior disorders.

Short Term Services

  • Functional Behavioral Assessment: Consultant meets with team, reviews child's records, observes child, and implements functional behavioral assessment tools. Based on the results, the consultant develops written summary and specific recommendations to school team for behavior intervention planning.
    Associated time: 8-15 hours
  • In-School Educational Assessment: Special education consultant meets with team, reviews child’s records, observes child in the classroom, and conducts educational evaluation utilizing standardized tools and instructional strategies. Assessment results and recommendations are shared with the team verbally and by written report.
    Associated time: 8-10 hours
  • In-School Psychological Evaluation: Consultant meets with the team, reviews child’s records, observes child in the classroom, and conducts cognitive, academic, adaptive, and behavioral assessments. Outcome: Assessment results and recommendations are shared with the team verbally and by the written report.
    Associated time: 8-12 hours

Ongoing Student Specific Services

  • Initial Assessment: Observation, meeting with team, information gathering and meeting with parents, in preparation for anticipated ongoing consultation for a specific child. Outcome: Summary report plus recommendations for specific supports and ongoing consultation.
    Associated time: 8-10 hours
  • Student Based Consultation: Consultant works with a student-specific educational team and family to develop strategies for success. The focus of this consultation is on the implementation of individualized, student-specific interventions.
    Associated time: 10-80 hours per year

System Level Services

  • Classroom Consultation: Consultant works with an identified classroom teaching team and support staff to build capacity and expertise in serving a specialized student population.
    Associated time: Variable
  • District Based Model Development: Consultant works at the building or district level to assess and build capacity to meet particular goals for educational needs of students within the district and assists the district in developing exemplary, evidence-based models of services through training and technical assistance. This model can be developed to meet the needs of students with Autism spectrum disorders, other specific developmental disability populations, or can be developed to meet the needs of all students within the district.
    Associated time: Variable
  • Program Evaluation: Consultant works with district, school, or human service organization to engage in comprehensive program development initiatives that focus on the design and maintenance of system-wide programming for students with Autism spectrum disorders or other disabilities. Consultant works in collaboration with site administrators to complete a comprehensive needs assessment and provides specific feedback to inform district planning initiatives. Associated time: Variable