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Adult FAQ

Adult Volunteers: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?
    • Sign up to attend an in-person group information session during our open recruitment periods as announced at the top of program pages.
  • I’m retired now. How much time can I volunteer per week?
    • That would depend on the number of volunteers and opportunities we have available at any given time.
  • Can I volunteer any time I want?
    • Volunteer shifts may vary depending on the type of position we match you with. Currently, most placements occur during weekday hours, Monday through Friday. Occasionally we have evening and weekend positions available.
  • What kind of activities will I be doing?
    • We offer a variety of activities in hospital departments and units. Some of those are Pediatrics, Patient Discharge, and the Gift Shop. All of our positions involve contact with patients on some level.
  • I have heard of hospital volunteers who “cuddle” premature infants and newborns. How can I do that?
    • These openings are called NICU Volunteers (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and are so popular that we rarely have openings. Please check our website regularly to see if the needs have changed.
  • I just had a physical. Why do I need a health appointment?
    • Your safety and the safety of our patients and staff is our first priority. The only way we can assure that is when you have been seen by our staff at Employee Health. They will also confirm that your vaccinations and other health-related requirements are up-to-date.
  • What are Federal Exclusions and State Sanctions?
    • Federal Exclusions are a severe form of restriction that prohibits an excluded person or entity from participating in federal healthcare programs or receive federally funded reimbursement.  State Sanctions are medical sanctions that resulted in disciplinary action by a state administration. These sanctions occur when an individual or entity violated an administrative rule, civil law or has committed a criminal offense.  Exclusion from participation in federal or state healthcare programs is a severe form of sanction. Exclusion prohibits an identified or entity from participating in federal healthcare programs or receiving federally funded reimbursement.  Federally Excluded and State Sanctioned individuals are not allowed to volunteer at URMC.

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