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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it be before I hear from the Nurse Recruitment Department once I send in my application?
If you are applying for a position that is open and is currently being recruited for, you should hear from the Nurse Recruiter within one week of submitting a resume/application.
How long will my resume/application stay on file?
All resumes and applications stay on file for 6 months.
Can I call the Nurse Recruiter to check on the status of my application?
Feel free to call the Strong Office of Nurse Recruitment anytime to check the status of your application at 585-275-3478.
What if I don't have an active NYS Nursing License?
Prior to being hired you need a current NYS Nursing License on file in the Nurse Recruitment Office (unless you are a GN or GPN). While you are waiting for licensure, the hiring process can be started and be in process. If you don't have a license because of relocation, please contact the New York State Office of the Professions at (518) 474-3817.
Do you hire Graduate Nurses?
Absolutely! We hire new nurses with no experience. We do require RN licensure before starting.
Will I get lost at Strong because it's too big?
Strong Memorial Hospital has a very close and tight nursing community. We work very diligently so that no one gets lost or slips through the cracks! Our units are small and our nurse managers manage one area. We have a very detailed orientation and have nurse educators that help provide a comprehensive training program. The resources that you will have at your fingertips are impressive and will help you quickly become familiar with the hospital. You will have the training and resources to help you provide excellent care to your patients!

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