Student Employment

Continue Your Education...On Us

Nursing students are a dedicated bunch. We want to help you learn and make it easier for you to pursue your career. Because Strong Memorial Hospital is a part of the University of Rochester and enjoys a synergistic relationship with the School of Nursing, higher education is a way of life. Whatever your area of interest or clinical specialization, you will find enthusiastic support for continued studies... and full tuition benefits as well.

Strong nurses find a supportive link between work and school, with many of our nursing practice leaders also serving as clinical faculty. Whatever your academic goal, you can achieve it by working at Strong and completing your studies at the School of Nursing...which is conveniently located just across the street.

Paid Internships/Summer Employment

An excellent opportunity for nursing students is the summer student internship program. Learn more about paid internships and summer employment

Does Strong sound like the place for you? Start your nursing career with us today!

Meliora Award

Child Psychiatry Team honored with the URMC Meliora (Ever Better) Award for innovations in their approach to children. Team 1-9200 adopted a new philosophy—Kids Do Well if They Can—and transformed its approach patients and families. The change has delivered increase patient, family and staff satisfaction!