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Nursing Careers at URMC

URMC offers opportunities in nearly every specialty and subspecialty, and our Clinical Advancement System offers solid financial and career progression incentives for advancement at the bedside. Here, our nurses—all 2,400 of them—have the chance to realize their potential in practice, education, research, management, or in consultation. The opportunities have never been better!

Opportunities for Professional Growth

As your career progresses at URMC, you may be interested in transferring to another department. URMC offers employees this option after 12 months in a position. This allows our nurses the opportunity to experience new responsibilities and achieve new goals.

URMC nurses value...

  • Individualized patient care that considers the unique experiences, diversity, and personality of each patient
  • The nurse's role as patient advocate to maintain the patient's involvement in decision making for healthcare and treatment options
  • Ongoing professional development and continuing education
  • Supporting nurses' contribution to the advancement of professional nursing practice
  • The nurse's role as a change agent who employs evidence-base practice and critical thinking to continually improve the quality and outcomes of patient care
  • Fostering collaborative, collegial relationships to provide a multidisciplinary approach to our patient care
  • Focusing on patient satisfaction and striving to exceed patient expectations
  • The belief that our patient care staff is our most valuable resource

Competitive Wages and Benefits

Our nurses’ high level of job satisfaction speaks volumes about the quality of management and the work environment at URMC. So does our compensation package. URMC offers a wage/salary program that recognizes excellence and experience.

When you become a URMC nurse you can have it all, including:

  • Choice of Services - from caring for the neonate to the elderly; from general to subspecialty care. Learn more about nursing positions available at Strong
  • Educational Opportunities - that respect your experience and complement your clinical work.
  • Flexible Hours, Self-scheduling & No Mandatory Overtime - to help you fit your career into your life, rather than the other way around. Learn more about the flexibility of working at Strong Memorial Hospital
  • Career Path Planning and Advancement - which supports your choices, helps you achieve your goals, and rewards you financially for excellence in your chosen path.
  • Five Weeks of Vacation & One Week of Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Tuition Reimbursement - available for all.
  • Retirement Benefits

And the chance to work alongside some of the most talented and dedicated nurses and physicians in Rochester’s first Magnet hospital. Learn more about Strong Memorial Hospitals' Magnet Designation

Rochester, NY - A Wonderful Place to Call Home

Unfamiliar with Rochester, New York? We’re a wonderful place to call home. Located in upstate New York, near Lake Ontario, Rochester was one of ten communities in the nation to receive the All America City Award as a great place to live. We enjoy a world-wide reputation as a center for high technology research and development, and our schools, colleges and university are rated among the best. With a population of just over 1,000,000, Rochester offers gorgeous scenery, abundant sports and recreation opportunities, a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle, and everything from sophisticated theater, music, art and museums, to attractions for children and families. In addition, we’re less than an hour away from the Northeast’s premiere wine country located within the beautiful Finger Lakes region.