Greetings from the Professional Nursing Council

The Professional Nursing Council (PNC) is nursing practice’s Shared Governance Model at Strong.  PNC is the avenue for decision making and change throughout nursing.  Staff representatives from each nursing unit meet once a month to discuss important topics such as professional development, safety, research, finances, patient and nurse satisfaction, and much more!  We continue to strive to report all of the information to nursing practice, and to each nursing unit.

The PNC has celebrated many successes:

  • Developing and instituting the Professional Portfolio and enhancements to the performance appraisal process
  • Increasing knowledge of the financial costs of nurse orientation, supply and other healthcare related costs
  • Increased involvement in community activities
  • Improvement in care of the patient with central lines
  • Raising money to send a nurse to Honduras through the Shoulder to Shoulder Brigade
  • Instituting a new Nurses’ Week award for pioneering in nursing
  • Celebrating Nursing Certification and increasing the number of certified nurses at SMH


Thank you,

Ann Zimmerman, RN
Chair, Professional Nursing Council

Kristen Hans, RN, MSN
Vice Chair, Professional Nursing Council


Meliora Award

Child Psychiatry Team honored with the URMC Meliora (Ever Better) Award for innovations in their approach to children. Team 1-9200 adopted a new philosophy—Kids Do Well if They Can—and transformed its approach patients and families. The change has delivered increase patient, family and staff satisfaction!