Functional Units

The Sovie Center has two main functional units, the Core Functions and the oversight of the Adult Service Line APNs.  The Core Functions are divided into four areas.  These areas are education, professional development and coaching, practice development and innovation, and regulatory.

Core Functions


Functions of the educational unit include monthly grand rounds, which occur on the 4th Thursday of each month at 8am and 4pm.  The Center also offers periodic evening programs, some of which are sponsored by industry.  The Center works with area Schools of Nursing to assure proper student placement and preceptorships.  In 2008, the Center offered its first annual nurse practitioner symposium.

Nurse Practitioners

Collaboration and teamwork are values of NP practice.

Professional Development & Coaching

The Sovie Center works closely with the Department of Nursing Leadership Institute to work with individuals and/or groups in the areas of professional development and coaching.  Some of these activities include individual career planning, communication skills and team building, assisting with publications and presentations and mentoring programs.

Practice Development and Innovation

This functional unit works with individual practices to identify areas where NP practice can be improved with respect to productivity, work load, and outcomes.  Innovative practice models have been identified and benchmarking is being done both within SMH as well as externally to assure that NP practice is current and state-of-the-art.  Additionally, activities related to research and evidence-based practice will fall under this unit.  The Center works closely with the Clinical Nursing Research Center, as well as appropriate areas in the University of Rochester Medical Center on research and EBP initiatives.


The Center has expertise in the areas of credentialing, certification, licensure and various other regulatory requirements, so APNs have a reference person available to answer questions as well as facilitate different processes.  The Center also acts as a resource for nurses who are either seeking initial certification of obtaining recertification.

Margaret D. Sovie Center for Advanced Practice Nursing

What We Do

The Sovie Center is committed to providing the leadership and guidance to position the Advanced Practice Nurse Group as a national leader in patient care, discovery, teaching and learning.

Advanced Practice Nurses at the University of Rochester Medical Center provide the essential link between patients/families and the health care system.