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About Us

The University of Rochester Medical Center has a strong history of clinical leadership in surgery for disorders of the liver, pancreas and gastrointestinal tract. Our Division of HPB-GI Surgery brings this expertise new visibility as a thriving program and leader in the Region.

HPB-GI Provider

Our surgeons seek to bring every patient in our region the most advanced care for his or her disease. We do so through:

  • High volume – Outcomes for surgery are best when performed by doctors who do a surgery frequently and who operate in a high-volume center. Our Division has the highest volumes in the region for HPB-GI surgeries.
  • Multi-modality expert care – We provide all the experts a patient needs in one location, including specialists in surgery, oncology, radiation oncology and pathology. All of our specialists have a high level of expertise in treating cancers of the pancreas, liver, bile ducts and GI tract.
  • Clinical trials – We offer the most clinical trials in the region, with trials for every patient at every stage of disease. This helps ensure that our patients have access to the most current care available.
  • Precision Medicine – From pathology, to surgery, to radiation, to chemotherapy, we are providing new treatment approaches that help target cancer better, while avoiding damage to healthy tissue.