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Referring a Patient

For consultation, or to refer a patient to Strong Memorial Hospital or Highland Hospital's Department of Surgery, please call 1-866-794-URMC.

Mailing Address, Department of Surgery:
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box SURG, Rochester, NY 14642

Referrals by Division:

Acute Care Surgery Phone Number
Paul E. Bankey, MD, PhD, Chief 585.275.3022
Julius Cheng, MD, MPH 585.275.3022
Mark L. Gestring, MD 585.275.3022
Yan Qi, MD 585.275.3022
Ayodele Sangosanya, MD 585.275.3022
Nicole Stassen, MD 585.275.3022
Bariatric/General Surgery  
Joseph A. Johnson, MD, Chief 585.341.0366
William O'Malley, MD 585.341.0366
David Burns, MD 585.341.0366
Cardiac Surgery   
Sunil Prasad, MD, Chief 585.275.6964
Peter A. Knight, MD 585.275.6340
Juan Lehoux, MD 585.275.2509
George M. Alfieris, MD 585.275.2735
Francisco Gensini, MD 585.275.2735
URMC Heart & Vascular Center 585.275.2877
Colorectal Surgery   
Larissa K.F. Temple, MD, Chief 585.273.2727
Christina Cellini, MD 585.273.2727
Fergal Fleming, MD 585.273.2727
Irfan Rizvi, MD 607.324.4134
Rabih M. Salloum, MD 585.273.2727
Jenny R. Speranza, MD 585.273.2727
Colorectal Physiology Center 585.242.1382
Dysplasia Clinic 585.275.2159
Ostomy Clinic 585.262.9191
Pediatric Surgery   
Walter Pegoli, Jr. MD, Chief 585.275.4435
Christopher Gitzelmann, MD 585.273.5543
Derek Wakeman, MD 585.273.1753
Plastic Surgery   
Howard Langstein, MD, Chief 585.275.1000
Ashley Amalfi, MD 585.275.1000
Derek Bell, MD 585.275.1000
Ronnie Bossert, MD 585.275.1000
J. Guilherme Christiano, MD 585.275.1000
Life After Weight Loss 585.276.LAWL
Stong Wound Healing Center 585.262.9100
Derek Bell, MD 585.275.2876
Pediatric Plastic Surgery   
Clinton S. Morrison, MD 585.275.1000
Surgical Oncology  
Kristin A. Skinner, MD, Chief 585.276.3332
Breast Center 585.487.1700
Rachel Farkas, MD 585.487.1700
Kristin A. Skinner, MD 585.487.1700
Jacob Moalem, MD 585.276.4633
Eva Galka, MD 588.273.4702
David A. Krusch, MD 585.275.5027
David Linehan, MD 585.275.3840
James L. Peacock, MD 585.275.8229
Luke O. Schoeniger, MD, PhD 585.273.4713
Thoracic/Foregut Surgery  
Carolyn Jones, MD, Chief 585.275.1509
David C. Kaufman, MD (Critical Care) 585.273.1841
Christian Peyre, MD 585.275.1509
Joseph Wizorek, MD 585.275.1509
Esophageal Diagnostic Lab 585.275.7228
Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery   
Roberto Hernandez-Alejandro, MD, Chief 585.275.5875
Mark S. Orloff, MD 585.275.5875
Randeep Kashyap, MD 585.275.5875
Koji Tomiyama, MD 585.275.5875
Vascular Surgery   
Michael Stoner, MD, Chief 585.279.5100
Jennifer Ellis, MD 585.279.5100
John Porter, MD 585.758.0700
Adam J. Doyle, MD 585.279.5100
Roan J. Glocker, MD, MPH 585.279.5100
Kathy Raman, MD 585.279.5100
Vein Center 585.288.VEIN
UR Medicine Heart & Vascular 585.275.2877
Although our departmental divisions reflect the specialized nature of many faculty practices, many of our surgeons welcome referrals for common general surgical problems such as cholelithiasis, hernia and gastrointestinal disease.

The following faculty welcome general surgical problems:

Strong Memorial Hospital Phone Number
Paul E. Bankey, MD, PhD (585) 275-3022
Julius Cheng, MD, MPH (585) 275-6500
Eva Galka, MD (585) 273-2005
Randeep Kashyap, MD (585) 275-5875
David A. Krusch, MD (585) 275-5027
Mark S. Orloff, MD (585) 275-5875
James L. Peacock, MD (585) 275-8229
Yan Qi, MD (585) 275-3022
Irfan Rizvi, MD (607) 324-4134
Rabih M. Salloum, MD (585) 273-2727
Ayodele Sangosanya, MD (585) 275-5100
Luke O. Schoeniger, MD, PhD (585) 273-4713
Nicole A. Stassen, MD (585) 275-5100
Highland Hospital Phone Number
David E. Burns, MD (585) 341-0366
Joseph A. Johnson, MD (585) 341-0366
William E. O'Malley, MD (585) 341-0366