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Colon and Rectal Research

The Colon and Rectal Surgery Division is the region’s leader in research on colorectal disease. Why should this be important to you? Because our involvement in research helps ensure that we are able to provide our patients with the most up-to-date treatments.

One of our major areas of focus is outcomes research. In outcomes research, we analyze large databases of information on the effectiveness of various treatments. This helps us determine which treatments are best for various kinds of patients. As a result, we are better able to customize treatments for you.

Our division is also involved with UR CTSI, the University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute. This institute, one of just a handful in the country, works to move innovative ideas from the lab to the bedside. 

The doctors in our division have published over 300 journal articles on colorectal disease and its treatments. This involvement in publishing keeps on the leading-edge of knowledge about colorectal disease and its treatments.

Surgical Health Outcomes & Reaching for Equity (SHORE)

Under the expertise of the University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute (UR CTSI), the Surgical Health Outcomes & Reaching for Equity (SHORE) is a center designed to develop new and enhance existing research efforts through one integrated, multi-disciplinary program. This program will identify the most effective ways to organize, manage, finance, and deliver high quality care, while reducing medical errors, controlling costs, and improving patient safety.


Within the mission and vision of URMC, lie the goals of the Surgical Health Outcomes and Reaching for Equity. These goals are to transform the field of Health Services Research among surgical disciplines in an effort to improve the delivery of clinical care through collaborative comparative effectiveness research efforts and health technology development. In addition, through the development of research expertise a second mission is to establish a financially successful academic program of education, training and research output using novel models of resident education currently being developed within SHORE.


The URMC Surgical Health Outcomes and Reaching for Equity will achieve Medicine of the Highest Order through the integration of existing resources to create surgical outcomes research sustainability as it translates to clinical care within both the Department of Surgery and across all disciplines of the University of Rochester Medical Center.