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Our Team

Our internationally renowned vascular specialists are trained in the diagnosis, management, critical care and surgical treatment of patients with vascular disease. Many innovative therapies are carried out jointly by specialists from Vascular Surgery and Vascular Radiology, making the Division of Vascular Surgery a leader in integrating these specialties. Often, our vascular surgeons also work with specialists in cardiovascular disease and neurology, providing a multidisciplinary approach to your care and the best treatment possible.

The Division of Vascular Surgery treats the full range of arterial and venous (artery and vein) disorders and our physicians are committed to providing you with individualized, compassionate care in state-of-the-art treatment facilities.

Strong Memorial Hospital


Stoner Michael C. Stoner, M.D. 
Professor of Surgery and Chief,
Vascular Surgery Division
Doyle Adam J. Doyle, M.D. 
Assistant Professor
Ellis Jennifer L. Ellis, M.D. 
Assistant Professor
Glocker Roan J. Glocker, M.D. 
Assistant Professor
Narins Craig R. Narins, M.D. 
Associate Professor
raman Kathleen G. Raman, M.D.
Associate Professor
Richards Michael S. Richards, Ph.D
Research Assistant Professor
Scibelli Christopher D. Scibelli, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery

Nurse Practitioners

  • Desiree Branson, N.P.
  • Christina D'Agostino, N.P.
  • Katie Kelleher, N.P
  • Sarah Rossi, N.P.
  • Elizabeth Wight-Regna, N.P.

Registered Nurses

  • Jaclyn Jimenez, R.N.
  • Cynthia Westfall, RN, CCRP

Highland Hospital

White Spruce Office

Vein Center at White Spruce Office

Finger Lakes Region

F.F. Thompson