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URMC / UCAR / Instructions for Merit Review

Instructions for Merit Review at the Institutional Level

The purpose of the review is to assess scientific merit of a research proposal before proceeding with other levels of review. All research which requires the use of experimental animals should be reviewed for scientific merit, significance, and appropriate facilities. Proposals that are sponsored by departments and companies which will not undergo peer review will be reviewed by the Dean's Research Advisory Committee (DRAC). The DRAC recommendation as to scientific merit will be forwarded to the University Committee on Animal Resources (UCAR).

Applicants must be full-time faculty with a primary appointment in the School of Medicine and Dentistry or supervisees of the faculty.

The originality of the research objectives and the significance of the research are the two most important issues to be addressed. Details regarding the methods to be used and/or a comprehensive review of the background of the research are not necessary.

Application Form

University affiliates should submit an electronic version of the form to:
Dean's Research Advisory Committee, c/o Anne Reed.

For assistance in completing the form, please contact UCAR at (585) 275-1693, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.