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Fine Needle Aspiration Procedures

When you have a lump or lesion, your doctor may need to get samples of its cells in order to learn more about it. One less-invasive method of getting those cell samples is called a fine needle aspiration.

Fine needle aspirations are a safer and less traumatic alternative to biopsies requiring surgery. In a fine needle aspiration, a needle is inserted into the lump or lesion. A slight suction is applied, drawing some cells out of the mass. Those cells can then be immediately examined.

At UR Medicine Labs, all aspects of fine needle aspirations are managed by a pathologist specially trained in these techniques. Examination of your cells will be performed through various methods such as immunucytochemistry or electron microscopy. Your diagnosis is typically available within 15 minutes.

Fine needle aspiration is not only less invasive, it is also less expensive, reduces the risk of complications and provides faster recovery times.

Our pathologists are available to perform fine needle aspirations Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM. They are also available at other times by special arrangement. Outpatients can be referred to a room here in our clinic. For inpatients, a pathologist can come directly to the patient's room.

To schedule a fine needle aspiration, please call the Cytopathology Office at (585) 275-5656 during regular working hours. Patient brochures regarding the procedure are available in clinicians' offices and may also be requested from the Cytopathology Laboratory.

For any questions regarding this procedure, please call Ellen Giampoli, M.D. at (585) 275-2934.