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University of Rochester Resources

UR Ventures
UR Ventures is responsible for managing and capitalizing the intellectual property assets of the University of Rochester. Our mission is to develop UR innovations into valuable products and services to make the world ever better.

Information for Inventors; How to File an Invention Disclosure
This is the Office of Technology Transfer information page for inventors. It contains documentation for policies and processes for the technology transfer process.

High-Throughput Screening Core
The University of Rochester High Throughput Screening (HTS) Core has been set up to provide University investigators with relatively low cost access to screening chemical libraries for identification of novel molecules that can be used to perturb biological systems.

Structural Biology and Biophysics Core
The Structural Biology & Biophysics Core offers support services and access to state-of-the-art instruments to determine macromolecular x-ray crystal structures, and to investigate protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid, or protein-small molecule interactions.

CTSA: Support for FDA Regulatory Compliance and IND (Investigational New Drug) Applications
The Office of Regulatory Support (ORS) offers services to support clinical and translational research investigators with the navigation of and compliance with specific FDA-regulated processes, including research involving experimental drugs and devices, as well as pre-clinical laboratory studies.

CHET (Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics); Support for Early Phase Clinical Trials
The University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) has established a Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics (CHET) whose mission is to conduct hypothesis-driven, rigorously designed, initial investigations of novel therapeutic interventions for human diseases.

UR CTSI (University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute)
The University of Rochester Clinical & Translational Science Institute is a national leader in the expanding field of clinical and translational research. With funding from the National Institutes of Health, the UR CTSI is assembling the people and resources that will help scientists and physicians at the University of Rochester and across upstate New York collaborate to produce innovative science and technology that improves health.

External Resources

Academic Partners

Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research
The Center's research team is involved in multidisciplinary research. Recent publications reflect the center's research interest in multiple diseases at various stages of drug discovery. The center's research capabilities are enhanced through collaborations and partnerships.

Potential Corporate Partners

Eli Lilly PD2 Program
This program is a phenotypic drug discovery process designed to identify compounds that modulate cellular processes by screening novel molecules in disease-relevant assays. 

PD2 at a glance:

  • Lilly will provide no-cost access to phenotypic assay panel for external investigators.
  • PD2 panel includes disease-relevant assays.
  • Confidential compound submission via web-based interface.
  • Full data report provided to investigator.
  • Promising findings can serve as basis for a collaboration agreement

Drug Discovery Information Sites

Drug Discovery Portal (Strathclyde, UK)
The focus of the Drug Discovery Portal is matching academic chemists and academic biologists through intelligent virtual screening performed by experienced researchers.

Services provided by the Drug Discovery Portal are:

  • Hit identification
  • Hit-to-lead optimization (computational support and/or synthetic medicinal chemistry output)
  • Library analysis and design
  • Allosteric site identification

Screening & Chemical Biology Links

NIH Common Fund - Molecular Libraries and Imaging Overview
Overview of molecular libraries program in context of NIH roadmap including funding opportunities.

Molecular Libraries Program
Introduction to resources available through molecular probe centers.

Molecular Libraries Program - Probe Production Centers
List of NIH screening centers, contacts, and capabilities.

A public repository for chemical structures and their biological properties.

NIH Chemical Genomics Center
The center provides access to a wide variety of resources related to screening. There screening guidance manual is very useful for investigators new to screening.

Institute for Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard Medical School
Very useful site for general screening and also will allow non-Harvard screeners.

Center for Chemical Genomics at University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute
Comprehensive screening center that will collaborate with outside investigators to do large scale screening.

NIH Drug Development Projects

NIH Bench-to-Bedside Awards Program

These two-year awards designed to seed new projects that propose to translate basic science to human subjects. Proposals can fall into one of seven categories: pharmacogenomics, behavioral and social sciences, rare diseases, AIDS, minority health and health disparities, women’s health, and general projects.

Gates Grand Challenges
Provides support for very specific types of projects.

Contract Synthesis Companies

Cayman Chemical

Albany Molecular Research

Meetings & Conferences

Specific Meetings

ASM Microbe (formally ICAAC)

Society of Biomolecular Screening Meeting

Conference Series with Drug Discovery Topics

Keystone Symposia

Gordon Conferences

Sites Listing Drug Discovery Meetings


Society of Biomolecular Screening

Medicinal Chemistry-Related Conferences

Nature Chemical Biology homepage