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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I try to connect to a page in Contribute, it tells me "You are viewing a page on a website that you haven’t created a connection to." What does this mean?
A. The first thing to check is that you are accessing a page on our development server. You can tell this by looking at the address of the page. If it begins with "http://www...." you are trying to access the live server and will not be able to edit. Contribute users have permissions to edit only pages that begin with "" If you know the address is correct, and you are still getting an error, file a ticket in our Ticketing System under the category "Contribute Support." We may need to give you access to your site.
Q. I'm trying to edit a page, but I get a message that someone else is editing it. What can I do?
A. Either the person is actually editing the page, or an error occurred when some action was being taken on the page and Contribute has locked the file. Please file a ticket through our Ticketing System and we will find out whether the someone is currently editing the page. If so, we will not override the checkout. You will need to wait until the user is done with his/her edits. If no one is currently editing the page, we will override the lock.
Q. I don't want double spaces between each line. Please help!
A. To create single-line spacing, place your cursor at the end of the first line and press Shift+Enter.
Q. I want to change the font styles and font sizes of my text, but the options are grayed out. Why?
A. Adjustments to fonts and font sizes has been disabled for all users. You may not make changes this way. Our templates are controlled by stylesheets that can only be changed at the discretion of a member of Web Services. We have provided a variety of styles you can use. Learn more about them in our online Style Guide.
Q. I created a link to a PDF, but I don't see it on the live site yet. What happened?
A. First, ensure that you have correctly followed the instructions for linking to a PDF in our Training Reference Manual. Make sure you have clicked the "Publish" button. Also note that Contribute automatically publishes the PDF (and Word, Excel, etc. documents) to a subdirectory called "documents."