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Images on URMC websites should be:


Images should be optimized for the Web, and should not be more than 500KB. If you need help resizing your images, please contact Web Services.

Keep in mind that for the standard 3-column layout, the middle column where your content goes is 510 pixels wide. Resize your image to fit in these spaces.

Professional, Appropriate, and Necessary

Web Services can help you put a professional touch on your website by finding images from our stock photography. We maintain an extensive library of professional medical and science related stock art licensed for use on any URMC website. We also have access to professional photography obtained by the University for their publications.

Think about how the image augments the content. Does it illustrate a key point? Does it create the appropriate impression to the target audience? Is more than one image needed to convey your message? Images should not be sprinkled throughout a page for the sole purpose of breaking up or adding interest to dense text.

Nonproprietary, Properly Licensed

Images taken from other websites or published sources outside of the URMC should not be used unless they are licensed for use on our website.

A note about photographs of non-UR staff: Patients and other visitors should not be depicted on URMC websites unless the proper legal permissions have been obtained in writing.