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The University of Rochester does permit outbound links to professional associations, state and government sites and regulatory bodies (e.g., JCAHO).

The University does NOT permit advertising on URMC sites by third parties (e.g., banner ads).

Opening Links in Browser Windows/Tabs

Use Same Window/Tab for All Web Pages

Whether you're creating a link to an external site (non-URMC page) or another page within the URMC site, the link should open in the same window/tab. Doing so will provide the best possible user experience, as it leaves the control in the hands of the user and also does not disable the Back button. In the case of an external link, you will want to alert the user that the link is going to a non-URMC page by using the link style, "link-external".

Use New Window/Tab for PDFs/Non-Web Documents

When creating a link to a document, such as a PDF, the link should open in a new window/tab. When viewing a PDF, users feel like they’re interacting with an application, rather than a Web page, and frequently close the window, losing the site they were browsing.

Users will be signaled that the link is going to a PDF with the link style, "link-pdf". In Kentico sites, this style is programmatically applied when a link to a PDF is created.