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Vanity URLs

The Medical Center's root URL is: All components of the medical center must use this root address, unless they request a subdomain. No component of the Medical Center can register unique URLs and host them outside of the URMC servers.

The process for locating sites within the Medical Center's root URL is to place the component's name at the end of the root URMC URL.

For example:

Full words are preferred over abbreviations, and each word should be separated by a dash. Using words and dashes will help optimize your site for better search engine ranking. Using the above as an example, the words childrens and hospital will be recognized by Google when ranking the site.

Formally recognized departments and centers will have space off of the root of the URMC site. Divisions (in particular clinical divisions that are recruiting patients) may also have space off of the root.

Vanity URLs

Vanity URLs are shortened addresses that point to existing websites/pages, used in offline marketing efforts (e.g., television, radio, print).

For example:

To request a vanity URL, submit a ticket to Vanity URL Requests with the following information:

  • The vanity URL you would like
  • The destination page

We will evaluate vanity requests for uniqueness and usability.