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Usage Requirements

  • Rotating banners should be used sparingly and should not contain important information beyond initial slide
  • Can only be used at the top of page

Element Requirements

  • Images should be no wider than 2500px and no taller than 600px.
  • Centered horizontally/vertically or left justified at bottom with slight gradient
  • Same font on heading and subhead; subhead one line (% of total width set to 50%)
  • Heading and subhead (30 character limit on heading and 260 character limit on subhead)
  • No buttons or icons in headers
  • No embedded text on images
Find image url in media library


<div class="cta-banner"> <img alt="Benefits" src="/MediaLibraries/URMCMedia/hh/careers/images/Benefits.jpg" /><div class="banner-gradient-overlay"><div class="cta-banner-text"><div class="banner-heading">Heading goes here</div> <p>Paragraph text goes here. Use this area to give users some additional info.<a href="/strong-memorial">Link text</a></p></div></div> </div>