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Usage Requirements

  • Used in full width of container. Do not use in a sidebar.
  • Do not stack bar's on top of one another.

Element Requirements

  • No all caps
  • Approved font/weight only (no bold)
  • No icons
  • Must use at least 15 characters and no more than 140 characters before button; 25 character max on button
  • Only one button allowed in the bar
  • Font always white on dark background, black on light background (accessibility)
  • Use of any special campaign colors must be approved by Marketing and Web Services prior to use

Bar Options


<div class="cta-bar"> <p class="box-header">Here is some bar text. Here is some more bar text.</p> <a class="cta-btn border-btn" href="/strong-memorial">Button text</a> </div>

Here is some bar text. Here is some more bar text.

Button text