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Design Elements

We have developed four design elements that you can use to uniquely display web content on your pages.

Step 1: Decide Which Element to Use

Decide which element you want to use on your page. Each of the following pages includes requirements for usage and a live preview:


Important Note

To use these design elements, you must be a super user and have experience with HTML. If you aren't a super user, please request support so we can assist you.

Step 2: Use the Code Generator

With the exception of Button, on each of the element pages we've provided you with a code generator that allows you to easily enter your custom content and choose options for embellishments. You'll see your changes in a live example, and the code is generated for you.

Step 3: Copy Code and Add to Page

Finally, simply copy the code from the code generator and add it to your grid markup or between paragraph tags. It's important that you use the code that's generated, as any modifications you make may have unintended results and will violate the requirements we've set.